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We are not a recruitment agency! We support Recruitment Agencies and other organisations carrying out any sort of recruitment process.

We have taken each element of the recruitment process and built that into a service, which means, you can use us for any part of your recruitment process or all of it - because when you partner with us, you are in control.

If you are a Recruitment Agency, we need to know each other because we can make you extremely profitable by taking over the parts of your business that do not make you money!

What others are saying about Recruitment Support Services

Diane W
HR Manager

We are a small business who recruit a lot of people as we have peaks and troughs throughout the year. Prior to using Recruitment Support Services, we relied on agencies. Now Recruitment Support Services do all our sourcing and we do the interviewing, then they do the ref checks. Our recruitment cost is 1/4 of what it used to be and we have control. Recruitment Support Services are amazing

Jason K

We are a Startup and do not have the funds to pay $20,000 for a recruitment fee so we use RSS. We hire around 5 people per year and last year we spent $22,000 with RSS rather than $100,000 with an agency, and the people are great!

Manny O
Head of Recruitment

I run a Internal Recruitment Function and we use Recruitment Support Services to help us with tasks such as sourcing and reference checking. They are brilliant and they are an integral part of our team. 

Kelly K

We use RSS for all our recruitment needs. We are a medium business in Transport & Logistics. We are always looking for drivers and forklift operators. RSS keep a steady supply of people coming through so productivity isn't affected.

Natalie C

We are a recruitment agency and use Recruitment Support Services to do the sourcing and admin for our team. That means my team are focused on talking to people that matter rather than the distracting noise that is part of recruitment. 

Kate W

We are specialist recruitment agency that use RSS to provide all our backend services. They look after our Accounting & Bookkeeping, our Marketing, Digital Sourcing as well as traditional sourcing. I love them as we focus on making placements and they do the rest - all the parts that dont make money.

Amazing service! We thought Recruitment was easy, you post an ad on a job board and pick the best applicant, bt it is far more than that. Recruitment Support Services now look after all our sourcing, and we do the rest. AMAZING!!!

You are in control

Whether you are a large business or a small business, recruitment can be very painful. So allow us to take some of the pain away. Use Recruitment Support Services to do the painful parts of your recruitment process. The choice is yours.

Example: a client of Recruitment Support Services has us to do all the candidate sourcing/advertising and the initial filtering of all the applications. From there, we send through the list of candidates that fit and they take over.

This costs a fraction of what a traditional recruitment agency costs and they have control.

Do you want to control the cost of your recruitment?

Our mission is simple -

to help companies continuously improve their recruitment process whilst reducing the costs associated.

For over 30 years we have been running large agencies and this is our way of helping you take control of your recruitment.

Some of our services


Sourcing in recruitment is where we build a pool of suitable candidates for the role


Recruitment is all about filtering applications. Filtering is where we assess the applications against the role


So we have filtered all the applicants and now we have to assess them to identify if they fit the role. This is done through a series of interviews


Verification is where we verify what the candidate has said. This is done through reference checks and can include tertiary checks as well.


Negotiation is where most recruitment processes falls over as people do not know how to negotiate in recruitment. Dont worry, we do!


We also are linked with one of the best Recruitment Training services on the planet, so we can train your people.


We take care of all your Accounting and Bookkeeping so you can focus on what make money


We look after all your marketing because most marketing professionals have no idea on how to promote a Recruitment Agency

Social Sourcing

Social Sourcing is where we use social media advertising as part of our sourcing strategy

* Service only available for Recruitment Agencies.

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